Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Will Solar Panels Make My Home Look Ugly?

Friday 13 March 2015

For many, the way solar panels look is often the sticking point that switches people off when it comes to thinking about solar energy for their home. Despite the great savings on energy bills and the fact you can earn a tax free income on the electricity you produce, you've got to feel comfortable looking at solar panels every time you decide to spend a little time in your garden.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What looks unsightly to one person, looks beautiful to someone else - it's all subjective. According to a recent online survey, over 50% of people liked the look of solar panels whilst 27% of people would be open to solar energy should they improve aesthetically. So what can you do to ensure that if you were to invest in solar panels they look their best today?

Solar Panels Come in a Variety of Colours

Coloured solar panels Leicester

Coloured solar panels can really lift and elevate a building. One thing to be aware of with coloured solar panels, is that some are not as effective as the standard solar panels we use every day.

We recently met Simon Griffiths, the UK manager of BISOL at a recent trade show. These images are from their Spectrum series which work just as efficiently as the solar panels seen most commonly. The image of their Rustic Red solar panels below work harmoniously with the terracotta roof.

Brown coloured solar panels Leicester

Consider Solar Energy at the Start of a New Build Project

If you are at the early stages of a new residential or commercial development, solar energy should be a strong consideration as a sustainable energy source. The image below has a whole roof made up of solar panels which is really in keeping with the building's slick, contemporary design - so much so that the solar panels almost go unnoticed.

Roof made entirely of solar panels

Design a PV Solar System Using the Right Mounts and Frames

Of course it's quite rare to be in a position where you can think about the installation of solar panels at the very start of a new build project. Designing a solar energy solution that not only conforms but also works with various roof types and styles still has to be an important consideration. Fitting a solar power system is never a one size fits all solution and not just the panels used should be considered, but also the mounts, frames and the way the panels are positioned too.

solar energy for new build homes

To discuss a potential solar project for an existing property or for an insight into incorporating solar energy into a new build home, please contact Simon Butt 0116 270 1926.