Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Solar Panels For Your Business In Leicester

Run by the Sun can help you turn your roof into an economic asset. As well as generating an income from the Feed in Tariff, installing a solar power system on your commercial premises permanently cuts your electricity costs, now and into the future.

Electricity prices keep going up, so why not simply generate your own power and use your own electricity?

We can optimise the solar array design with our state of the art solar-metric survey

equipment and also take into account your electricity use load profile. The service life of a solar installation is 25 years or longer, and by planning the installation in detail we can significantly improve your energy yield and actual cost savings.

With a range of commercially proven solar modules, grid inverters and mounting systems, you can be sure that whatever system we propose will give you many years of reliable, low maintenance performance.

Run by the sun
Run by the sun


Commercial solar panel installation in Leicester

Run by the Sun have experience in installing commercial solar systems ranging in size from 1kWp to 250kWp.

For large commercial systems we can also call on back up from our supplying partners. Subject to suitability, directly dealing with the solar module manufacturer can give you financing options and even more cost savings.

Run by the sun
Run by the sun

With commercial systems even small details can make a big difference to the long term benefits.

Maximise the benefits of solar energy for your business

  • Mounting the solar modules in an east/west orientation to generate energy that more closely matches your businesses energy use for longer periods of the day.
  • Using the latest thin-film solar technology from Solar Frontier to give a higher yield, especially in low light or east/west orientations.
  • Utilising more intelligent grid inverter systems from SolarEdge and Fronius to minimise losses through shading and solar module aging discrepancies.
  • System monitoring to ensure long term oversight of its performance with tailored warranty and maintenance packages to give you greater security.